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The 200 hours “Roots of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training” course at Rishikesh Himalaya Yoga Institute is designed to develop Yoga Teaching skills by understanding the root principles of ancient yoga traditions. The course is ideal for those who aim to take Yoga teachings as a profession as well for those who want to experience and follow yoga as a path of holistic living......

Yoga for beginners is an excellent opportunity to learn yoga for those who have never experienced yoga before and also for those who have tried yoga in the past. In this course you will learn basic foundation of yoga in a safe, friendly and relaxed environment under the guidance of our internationally experience teachers. We conduct short and long.........

In the modern busy world, a typical yoga class usually begins and ends with postures and we all know that, yoga is not all about postures. Although there are numerous health benefits of practicing yoga postures, but without Pranayama & Meditation, the practice of yoga is unfulfilled.Here I invite you to take the first step towards this inward journey by.......

Private Yoga allows the yoga practitioner to meet the personal goals by getting individual attention. Each private yoga session provide a fulfilling experience, as our Certified Yoga Teacher will customize the lessons as per your requirements, which provides an opportunity to progress faster. We offer PRIVATE YOGA and CORPORATE YOGA for Stress.........

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