T. B. C.

  1. Always wear loose and comfortable clothes for meditation, so that your body feels comfortable and your legs are able to fold easily. Wearing tight clothes will simply cause restrictions to your breath and this will not let you sit longer.
  2. Meditate after taking shower and after cleaning your abdomen. It gives you a feeling of freshness. It is best to practice few postures before you begin your meditation practice as it will release physical tension from your body.
  3. Sit on the floor, in cross-legged position. Never struggle with your sitting pose, it should be comfortable, while doing meditation. If this is not comfortable, sit on chair, but always keep the back straight and never allow your back to collapse. Straight back helps to makes the mind steady. Head, neck and spine should be in one line. The upper half should be like an iron stake – steady and straight.
  4. While sitting for meditation, always face north or east in order to take advantages of favourable magnetic vibrations. It’s said that east and north directions are charged with positive spiritual forces.
  5. Before you start meditation, request your mind to be quiet for a specific length of time. Forget the past and future and be in the present movement. Never force the mind to be still. As a tendency of mind, it will jump here and there in the beginning, but eventually it comes back towards the object of meditation.
  6. Consciously regulate the breath. Begin with 5 deep abdominal breathing to give more oxygen to the brain. Keep the breathing rhythmic. Simply make your inhalation and exhalation of same length. You may choose to focus on some nice soothing music or any chant in the beginning.
  7. Begin the practice with 10 – 20 minutes time and increase it up-to 1 hour. Never force yourself to meditation for too long in the beginning when the mind is not trained to sit longer.

Yogi Prakash

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